Topping Your Table for Tea Time

Topping Your Table for Tea Time

Topping Your Table for Tea Time

Good news, tea lovers – January is National Hot Tea Month! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with loved ones over a cup of our home brewed tea at your very own tea party. Wow your guests with some of our favorite table topping tips, and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the party!

– Set the table with your favorite cups and saucers, whether you have a set or like to mix and match. Sipping a delicious brew from a beautiful cup will make the tea-drinking experience that much more memorable for your guests.

– Gift each of your guests their very own loose-leaf tea infuser! They’ll be able to brew tea to their perfect personal tastes and will cherish the heartfelt gift long after the tea party has ended.

– Keep the heat at the table with an electric tea kettle so you don’t have to spare a moment away from the party!

– Let your guests customize every cup with milk, honey, lemon and sugar if they please! The beauty of our home brewed teas is that they’re delicious with or without garnish.

– Get creative and use teacups or kettles as vases for your fresh flowers! Set them up alongside some candles and you’ll have a tea party table fit for high tea.

– Offer our beautiful range of home brewed teas that are simply picked, rolled and expertly crafted for an exquisite tea taste. The delectable hint of vanilla in our Black Tea with Vanilla and real peppermint leaves in our Green Tea with Mint are the perfect way to warm up your guest on a chilly day. Whether your guests favor bagged or loose-leaf varieties, there’s a Pure Leaf home brewed tea for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Freutcake