The Importance of Long Leaf Tea

The Importance of Long Leaf Tea

How important can two leaves be? Just as important as the perfect brew to a tea lover. That’s why we use long leaf teas to brew our bagged and loose-leaf teas.

Teas are manufactured in two methods. Pure Leaf uses the Orthodox, or long leaf, method where leaves are simply picked, rolled, dried and blended. Another manufacturing method is CTC, where leaves are cut, teared and curled. At Pure Leaf, we use the long leaf method because it minimally damages the leaf, allowing the genuine tea essence to shine through. The leaf is never intentionally cut or broken, just gently rolled to achieve a specific flavor.

More subtle, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, long leaf teas will unfurl while brewing, gently releasing their naturally sweet and delicate character.

We change so little to our teas – simply picked, rolled and crafted – because an expert hand will make the perfect tea from the perfect long leaf.