The Best Black Tea for Iced Tea

The Best Black Tea for Iced Tea


The best black tea

Summer is the perfect time for a refreshing glass of iced tea. To make the best iced tea it requires a high-quality tea that delivers a delious taste. There’s a reason why our home-brewed bagged and loose Iced Classic Black Teas have the word “classic” in them. Black tea is a classic iced tea choice for tea lovers!

When it comes to finding the best black tea to make iced tea, there’s a variety of teas to choose, from long leaf and Kenyan grown to Assam and Ceylon blends and more. With so many choices how do you find the best one to use?

The three most important things to consider for making the best black iced tea is using one that is full of bright color, clean flavor and floral aroma. Using long leaf teas is the best way to ensure your iced tea is full of vibrant color and refreshing aromas.

Long leaf teas, compared to cut, tear, curl or “CTC” teas, are more elaborate and display a more varied and complex array of aromas, colors and mouthfeels. More subtle, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, long leaf teas will unfurl while brewing, gently releasing their sweet and delicate character.

To ensure your iced tea has robust flavor, use tea from a single-source origin for an authentic tea experience. That’s why at Pure Leaf, we use long leaf single-origin Kenyan black tea, grown at high altitudes to produce the full-bodied leaves for our home-brewed black teas. This unique blend offers an expertly crafted mix of long leaf black tea and real spices to deliver a sweet and spicy flavor.

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Now that you’ve found the best type of black tea for iced tea, check out our four easy steps for brewing the perfect glass of iced tea!

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