Simple Swaps for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

Simple Swaps for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

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The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, so don’t let the stress of entertaining get in the way as you gear up for your next soiree. Save time, money and peace of mind with these simple, stress-free holiday entertaining swaps, and then relax with a cup of Pure Leaf home brewed tea!

– Swap homemade desserts for store-bought Pick up an assortment of pies, bars and cookies at your local market to save time in the kitchen. The cherry on top? You’ll be supporting local businesses!

– Swap store-bought decorations for DIY décor – Take a page from Mother Nature and incorporate fall leaves, winter berries and seasonal vegetables into your tablescapes.

– Swap the stove for a slow cooker – Instead of roasting over the stove as your food does the same, simply put it all into a slow cooker and enjoy the day!

– Swap a full-course meal for appetizers and desserts – Throw a party with bite-size treats. Pick the ones you’ve made before to keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum!

– Swap post-dinner coffee service for a self-serve tea barLet your guests have it their way. Stock your tea bar with different varieties of our new home brewed teas, and keep the garnishes simple! After you’ve brewed a pot of tea, serve it with jars of honey, milk, lemon wedges, and sugar cubes so guests can personalize their cup. For a festive touch, set out star anise, cinnamon, fresh peppermint or seasonal fruits like cranberries.

Photo courtesy of Love and Lemons.