Pure Leaf Home Brewed Tea Canister Tour

Pure Leaf Home Brewed Tea Canister Tour

Pure Leaf Canister - NYC2-min

In collaboration with paper artists Hari & Deepti, we celebrated our new line of home brewed hot and iced teas in a huge way.

We brought our home brewed tea canister to life by creating an eight-foot-tall replica for our canister tour across the country, which included stops in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Hari & Deepti incorporated paper artwork onto the canister reflecting how our long leaf teas are kept long, then simply picked, rolled and expertly crafted.

See Hari & Deepti’s designs below on our simple process for our new bagged and loose teas.


Pure Leaf DIY Canister - Pick-min

Pure Leaf offers single sourced tea leaves from the highest quality sustainable tea fields around the world and are picked at the peak of freshness.


Pure Leaf DIY Canister - Roll-min

Pure Leaf teas are kept long and rolled by an artisanal batch process that aims to gently bruise and expose the tea leaf’s natural essence with minimal damage to the leaf.


Pure Leaf DIY Canister - Expertly Crafted-min

Pure Leaf Tea Masters blend the leaves for the most balanced aromas and consistent taste.