Iced Classic Black Loose Leaf Tea

Iced Classic Black Tea

The richness of real leaf Milima black tea comes bagged to give you a refreshingly perfect iced tea each and every time.

Pure Leaf Iced Classic Black Tea uses high-grown, single-origin Kenyan black tea that delivers a crisp and clean flavor with balanced floral and malty notes for true refreshment. Altogether, the blend delivers a malty, sweet character with a distinct floral aroma and little bitterness.

Brewing instructions:

Fill infuser or tea ball with 1½ teaspoons loose tea and place in a 12-14 ounce glass. Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly. Pour six ounces into the glass and brew for four minutes. Remove infuser and add six ounces of ice.

Brews 50 servings of Pure Leaf Iced Classic Black Tea per jar.