Iced Black Tea with Peach Tea Bags

Iced Black Tea with Peach

Luscious peach pieces and real leaf Milima black tea are expertly paired for a refreshingly fruity iced tea.

Pure Leaf Iced Black Tea with Peach incorporates high-grown, single-origin Kenyan black tea and real fruit pieces of peaches, mangos, and apricots, and expertly balanced with a medley of herbs and natural flavors to create a well-rounded, full-bodied iced tea. Altogether the blend provides a delicate taste with a juicy peach flavor.

Brewing instructions:

Place one pyramid tea bag into a 12-14 ounce glass. Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly. Pour six ounces into the glass and brew for three minutes. Squeeze tea bag and remove. Add six ounces of ice.

Brews 16 servings of Pure Leaf Iced Black Tea with Peach per jar.