English Breakfast Black Tea Bags

English Breakfast Black Tea

Pure Leaf’s English Breakfast tea is a finely balanced blend of Assam, Dimbula and Ceylon teas. Together, they complement one another to deliver a richly balanced brew with a rich aroma and a deep amber color.

Pure Leaf hot English Breakfast tea incorporates a finely balanced blend of Assam and Ceylon teas to deliver a robust brew with a rich aroma, deep amber color, and a bold taste. We use the orthodox black tea leaf to deliver a full taste that is strong yet smooth with a balance between flavor and strength.

Brewing instructions:

Fill infuser or tea ball with one teaspoon loose tea and place in a mug. Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly. Pour eight ounces into the mug and brew for three minutes.
Remove infuser.

Brews 67 servings of English Breakfast black tea per jar.