Matcha 101: Preparation

Matcha 101: Preparation

Matcha Preparation

What is Matcha? Where did it come from? How do I make it? Our Matcha 101 series serves as a quick, introductory guide to all things Matcha.

Matcha 101: Preparation

Traditional Method

The process of preparing Matcha is a ritual steeped in history. The traditional process was originally established by Zen Buddhist monks in the 11th century and has been passed down through the generations. To prepare Matcha the traditional way, you’ll need the following:

  • A small amount of Pure Matcha powder
  • Chashaku (bamboo scoop)
  • Chawan (tea bowl)
  • Chasen (bamboo tea whisk)
  • Hot water

To prepare, use the chashaku to scoop a small amount (1-2 tsp) of Matcha powder into your chawan, or tea bowl. Then, add ¼ cup hot water to the chawan. Keep in mind that this water should be hot, but not quite boiling. Next, use the chasen to whisk quickly in a zig-zag M or W motion until the tea is frothy. Enjoy straight from the chawan.

Modern Methods

If you don’t have the time or the tools to follow the traditional Matcha-making method, there are a number of easy alternatives. Our single-serving sachets make it a cinch to get just the right of Matcha powder for your drink. Keep in mind, however, that Matcha powder does not dissolve in water like “instant mix” powdered drinks—high-quality Matcha does require some prep. You can, of course, substitute traditional tools with things you may already have in your kitchen:

  • Chashaku > Teaspoon
  • Chawan > Small mixing bowl
  • Chasen > Wire whisk, electric hand whisk or milk frother


Whether you’re following the traditional process, relying on modern hacks, or somewhere in between, sipping a fresh cup of Matcha is the perfect way to relax and recharge.