Herbal Tea

Introducing New Pure Leaf Herbal Teas

Expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients, these three herbal teas deliver
a distinct, caffeine-free taste that is unforgettable.

Chamomile Tea Leaves


We kept the chamomile blossoms intact and dried them to lock in their oils. The result? An abundance of rich, soothing flavors.

Peppermint Tea Leaves


Intense and full-flavored, this tea delivers deep, rich tones and a cooling finish with every sip. It’s nothing short of exceptional.

Iced Hibiscus With Passionfruit Tea Leaves

Iced Hibiscus
With Passionfruit

With a perfect balance of apples, strawberries, rosehips, passionfruit and hibiscus, this iced tea is both flavorful and refreshing.

Peppermint Tea in a Glass


Quality Ingredients

Responsibly sourced from the finest estates in Africa and Croatia, our premium herbs and petals give our new teas their distinct taste.

Peppermint Tea in a Glass

Peppermint, Chamomile and Iced Hibiscus with Passionfruit


Once our ingredients have been sourced, they are simply picked, carefully dried, and masterfully blended to deliver their delicious tastes.


The process is unique for each tea. From the way our chamomile blossoms are picked and dried, to the way the ingredients in our hibiscus passionfruit tea are perfectly balanced, no detail is spared.

Iced Hibiscus with Passionfruit in a Glass

Iced Hibiscus with Passionfruit


Our new teas are not only expertly crafted, they’re exquisitely packaged as well. In each jar, you will find 14 pyramid tea bags. They are designed to allow more room for our long tea leaves to move, unfurl and release their flavors.

The Delicious Results

It’s quite the process to go from seed to sip. But we
believe if you’re not going to do something right, why
do it at all?

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