Expertly Crafted for Iced Tea

Iced Tea Article

How are Pure Leaf Iced teas different from Pure Leaf Hot Teas?

Pure Leaf Iced Teas are uniquely crafted using a highly invigorating blend of long leaf teas, chosen for their ability to create an elevated iced tea experience. Our iced flavors are specially designed to shine at colder temperatures. The color is vibrant with a silky smooth tea flavor that is crisp and refreshing, when served with ice.

Iced Tea Article

We ensure Pure Leaf Iced Teas have:

  • An optimal grade of leaf to provide the balance of subtle and complex flavors, without any harshness.
  • A long leaf tea base to deliver a pleasant, smooth finish, refreshing aroma and vibrant color.
  • Natural flavors that are strong enough to distinguish even when served iced cold.