Long leaf Pure Leaf tea

4 Benefits of Long Leaf Teas

Long leaf Pure Leaf tea

At Pure Leaf, we make our teas using a simple, artisanal batch process that lets the genuine tea essence to shine through.

Tea is made using one of two methods: 1) Orthodox – where leaves are kept long, then simply picked, rolled and expertly crafted, or 2) CTC – where leaves are cut, teared, and curled. Pure Leaf uses the Orthodox, or long leaf method, to get our tea leaves into the cup or glass your enjoy. Don’t be fooled! There’s a difference between the two. Here are the top four benefits of long leaf teas:

  1. Less damage to the leaf. Long leaf teas focus on gently bruising the leaves to keep the character of the tea leaves intact, whereas with CTC, tea leaves are cut, teared and curled, impacting both the leave and the flavor.
  2. More complex tasting experience. Compared to other teas that use the CTC method, long leaf teas produce and display a more elaborate, varied and complex array of aromas, colors and mouthfeels.
  3. More dynamic tea experience. Long leaf teas provide a subtle, elegant and aesthetically pleasing experience. The leaves unfurl while steeping, gently releasing their sweet and delicate character.
  4. Best on its own. While CTC teas are often enjoyed with milk due to their bitter nature, long leaf teas are best savored by themselves.

Photo courtesy of Food Fashion Party