Matcha Teas

Expertly crafted,
authentic taste

Pure Leaf Matcha is expertly crafted with high-quality tea leaves and ingredients to give tea lovers the most authentic Matcha taste. Our pre-portioned, individually wrapped Pure Leaf sachets take the guesswork out of measuring for the perfect cup of Matcha every time.

Alliance Certified™

Pure Leaf Matcha leaves are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea estates in Kagoshima, Japan – and are shade grown, dried and ground for a full-bodied smooth taste.

New Pure Leaf Matcha

Pure Leaf
Pure Matcha

Japanese Matcha ground into a fine powder to create an exceptional Matcha experience.

Pure Leaf MATCHA

Japanese Matcha and ground peppermint leaves blended together for a refreshing Matcha experience.

Pure Leaf Matcha

Japanese Matcha and natural ground ginger, blended together for Matcha with a delicious spicy ginger taste.