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True to what we Brew

At Pure Leaf, everything we do starts and ends with the perfect cup of tea in mind. We take the finest leaves from the finest estates. We work with the best tea people from farmers, to blenders, to masters. We use the best quality ingredients and nothing less. It takes time, and we could cut corners, but we don’t. Because a true Tea Lover truly knows the difference.

The Pure Leaf Way

The way we craft our tea has been perfected over generations of tea growers, tea masters and most important, tea lovers. Discover how our teas are simply picked, rolled, dried and crafted, all in the pursuit of exceptional flavour.


Getting Hands On

We source our tea leaves from the finest tea estates in countries like China, India and Kenya. Each and every plant is cared for by farmers who are committed to the Pure Leaf philsopshy.

Pure Leaf Sustainable Tea

Picking Perfection

We use only the top leaves from each tea plant, picked at their freshest.

Picking Tea Leaves

That Traditional Touch

Once we’ve sourced the perfect leaves, the next step is to prepare them in a way that preserves their delicate flavour and aroma. That’s why we use the traditional method that creates a long leaf tea; we gently roll and dry the leaves, to keep the pure leaf taste at its best. Our tea masters then pair our leaves with some of the finest natural ingredients and flavours to create the perfect blend.

The finest tea leaves

The Delicious Results

It’s quite the journey, from leaf to cup. But perfection is never going to be easy.

Pure Leaf Products

Loose Leaf & Tea Bags

Great Taste Award
Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint, Black Tea with Vanilla & Himalayan Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea have been awarded a 1 star at Great Taste 2017. This means that the judges consider these teas ‘simply delicious’!

Good House Keeping Instittute
Our full collection of Loose Leaf and Pyramid Bag Teas have been Taste Approved by the Good House Keeping Institute. We’re delighted to be the first and only tea brand able to leverage this accolade.

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