Hibiscus Herbal Teas

Introducing New Pure Leaf Herbal Teas

Our five new herbal teas deliver the same refreshing Pure Leaf experience you love, with a perfectly brewed hibiscus flavor and a fruity twist that’s caffeine-free and carefully crafted.

  • Mango Hibiscus Flavor

    Pure Leaf Mango Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea

    Enjoy a blend of fresh hibiscus and delicious natural mango flavor for a refreshing taste that’s both tangy and sweet.

  • Peach Hibiscus Flavor

    Pure Leaf Peach Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea

    Masterfully crafted, refreshing and flowering, this combination of rich hibiscus and orchard-ripe peach notes delivers a luscious flavor.

Refreshing Hibiscus Stories

Learn more about hibiscus herbal tea and the origins, history, and uses of the hibiscus flower that gives our tea its alluring color and exceptional taste.

Herbals 101:
Introduction to Herbal Tea & Hibiscus

Do you know the difference between herbal tea and regular tea? See what makes herbal tea unique, especially when it comes to our hibiscus inspired herbal teas.

From Hibiscus Petal to Palette

Learn more about the origins, uses and flavor of hibiscus, and why it makes for a perfectly brewed iced tea.

Our Promise To You

Each bottle, box and bag of our real leaf tea is the result of thousands of people working toward one goal: sustainably growing the most delicious tea in the world.

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