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For the love of the leaves

True to What We Brew

At Pure Leaf, we have one philosophy that applies to everything we do: The best things in life are real. But real isn’t always easy. That’s where our passion comes in. A passion for serving some of the best tea out there, whether that’s iced tea brewed and bottled without powders or concentrates or giving you the delicious and delicate leaves to brew at home.It’s how you make tea, so why would we do anything different?

The Pure Leaf Process

Our process has been perfected over generations of tea growers, tea blenders and most important, tea lovers.Discover how our teas are grown in harmony with nature.


Getting Hands On

We source our tea leaves from estates in countries like China, India and Kenya. Every plant is cared for by farmers who are committed to growing the best-tasting tea out there.

Pure Leaf Sustainabile Tea

Picking Perfection

Our tea leaves are picked at the peak of freshness, and we only ever use the top leaves and the bud of the plant.

Picking Tea Leaves

That Magic Touch

Our tea masters blend the leaves for a consistently delicious taste.

Dried Leaves

The Delicious Results

It’s quite the process to go from seed to sip. But we believe, if you’re not going to do something right, why do it all?

Real Leaf-Brewed Tea

Pure Leaf


Home Brewed Hot Tea

Expertly Crafted Organic Tea



Home Brewed Hot Tea

Loose Leaf & Bagged

Home Brewed Teas


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